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The Product

Kent K-KFM3 Hairbrush is for those with short hair. This hairbrush is designed to be flat and narrow so that those with short hair can achieve a sleek look. Crafted with gel bristles, this brush is gentle on the scalp and hair to prevent damage and to provide a thorough styling experience.

Who Is It For?
  • For those with short hair 
What Does It Do?
  • Features a flat and narrow design with Gel bristles 
  • Gentle on the hair and scalp 
  • Styles short hair 
    The Brand
    Kent Brushes was founded in 1777. They hold a pre-eminent place in the history of brush making, with an unbroken record of excellence in the quality of production, which has been recognized by the granting of Royal Warrants for nine reigns. Today the company continues to retain craftsmanship and unprecedented quality, even in today’s fast-moving, mass-produced assembly. Kent still manufactures many of its original brushes by hand using the latest hi-tech manufacturing processes, whilst building on the time-honoured traditional methods to create the world’s finest combs and brushes.