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Gehwol Foot Care was founded in Germany by pharmacist Eduard Gerlach in 1868. Over 140 years in the making, Gehwol Foot Care has spent its time creating therapeutic products using natural ingredients that focus on inner healing to achieve outer beauty.

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Ask a barber: Everything you need to know about Gehwol

We offer a great selection of Gehwol products like hand cream, foot cream, body lotion, foot powder, foot treatments and more. Here are some of the questions
our barbers often get asked about Gehwol.


What is Gehwol fusskraft foot creme?

Gehwol foot products contain natural and skin-friendly ingredients such as Lanolin, moisturizing Aloe Vera, and Urea care for dry, rough skin on the feet to restore elasticity, suppleness and smoothness.

Is Gehwol good for cracked skin?

Use Gehwol foot bath followed by Gehwol extra foot cream to treat cracked skin on feet.

Where can I buy Gehwol?

You have come to the right place, we carry Gehwol and are happy to accomodate your foot care needs.

What is Gehwol used for?

GEHWOL products are used for foot care from regular maintenance to problem zones and treatment.

How does Gehwol fluid work?

GEHWOL Fluid cares for and beautifies skin and nails. It makes hard skin smooth. Due to the disinfecting effect of the GEHWOL Fluid ingredients such as clove oil, it also alleviates temporary redness or discomfort and soothes irritated skin.

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