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Redken Brews

Redken Brews

Redken Brews offers high-quality products for every step of your grooming routine - with skincare, hair care and styling products to help you create any look, they put in the work crafting products that deliver results so that you can be the man you envision.

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Ask a barber: Everything you need to know about Redken Brews

We offer a great selection of Redken Brews products for men like shampoo, conditioner, 3-in-1, soap, pomade, styling products and more. Here are some of the questions our barbers often get asked about Redken Brews.


Is Redken Brews for thinning hair?

Thickening shampoo for men improves the appearance of fine, thin, and thinning hair. Formulated with active ingredients like ginger and malt, it strengthens the hair fiber to prevent breakage and stimulates the scalp.

Is Redken Brews with crafted malt?

Redken Brews Daily Shampoo features malt to strengthen and nourish hair. Suitable for everyday use, it gently cleanses without stripping the hair. Leaves hair feeling clean and fresh. The lightweight formula keeps hair manageable.

Is Redken Brews discontinued?

There are many Redken Brews products currently on the market, come see what we have to offer.

What does Redken Brews smell like?

Like many products in the Redken Brews line, this shampoo typically has a fresh, masculine fragrance. The fragrance is pleasant without being overpowering, making it suitable for everyday use.

Is Redken Brews for men?

Redken Brews are barber-approved hair care, styling and grooming products for men, ranging from daily shampoo, conditioner, hair pomade, hair gel, hair cream and body wash. Formulated for every hair type, these products help cleanse, nourish, strengthen, style and finish.

Is Redken with biotin?

Redken Extreme Length Shampoo is formulated with Biotin, Castor Oil & Redken's Length Care Complex to help strengthen damaged hair to grow longer by preventing breakage to achieve your desired length.

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