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Reuzel started with two men in love with barbering. Sotted in style. And drowning under the influences of rock ‘n roll, custom culture and the working-class ethic of Rotterdam. Reuzel is here to make sure that as styles change, the attitude remains the same. For those people who are ready to sculpt a style, write a story, and be part of a legacy.

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Ask a barber: Everything you need to know about Reuzel

We offer a great selection of Reuzel products like 3-in-1, pomade, aftershave, beard products, styling products and more. Here are some of the questions our barbers often get asked about Reuzel.


Is Reuzel lard? What is Reuzel made of?

There was a time when pomades were made from animal fats. Reuzel doesn't actually use animal fats, but rather some of the best water or oil-based pomade available today made from beeswax and natural oils.

What does Reuzel mean?

The term originates from the Dutch language, meaning lard.

How is Reuzel pronounced?

Reuzel is pronunciationed roo-'zul.

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