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Captain Fawcett's

Folding Pocket Moustache Comb

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The Product

Captain Fawcett's Folding Pocket Moustache Comb is for anyone with a grooming routine. Designed with fine-cut teeth and a smooth mahogany finish, this pocket-sized moustache comb is a perfect sculpting and detailing tool, even while on the go. This Folding Pocket Moustache Comb makes an incredible tribute to nostalgic charm and pairs incredibly well with a moustache wax or most beard products. 

Size: (117mm)

Who Is It For?
  • Anyone with facial hair 
  • For those wanting to sculpt and define their facial hair
What Does It Do?
  • Foldable and pocket-sized
  • Defines and sculpts facial hair 
How Do You Use It?
  • Comb through facial hair for the desired look and style  
    The Brand

    Captain Fawcett's is home to a delectable range of first-class Gentleman's grooming requisites. Their remarkable products are a commitment to tradition and these precise formulae have faithfully followed Fawcett’s original potions, along with his world-renowned Moustache Wax, now available to the discerning gentleman for the first time in over a century.