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Sustainable Choices at Tommy Gun's – Earth Month Spotlight


April is Earth Month and we are here to share some of our top picks that are perfect for those following an environmental lifestyle or for those that want to start making some changes for the better! Here are some easy swaps you can make in your grooming routine if you are striving to lower your impact on the environment – but trust us, you won’t be sacrificing the performance and results that you are used to!

Swap Your Cartridge Razor for a Safety Razor


One of the easiest switches to make in favour of the environment (and your wallet) is to swap your cartridge razor for a safety razor. The main difference? Cartridge razors come with disposable, plastic-containing blades whereas safety razors only require you to swap out the blades which are entirely recyclable and are much more affordable to replace. For example, these Rockwell Razor Double-Edge Razor Blades are only $17 for a 100-pack and each blade lasts between 4-8 shaves so not only will the environment thank you, but your bank account will too! Not sure if you feel comfortable handling loose razor blades? They have come a long way from the sketchy blades you might have seen your grandpa using back in the day. They now come packaged in a protective paper to prevent direct handling while you replace the blades and ensure you don’t slip up. Some of our favourites include the Merkur 23C Double Edge Safety Razor which comes with a longer handle to make it easier to handle and manipulate, the Wahl Double Edge Safety Razor & Blades which conveniently comes with a starter pack of blades and an easy grip handle, or the Rockwell Razors R1 Rookie Double Edge Safety Razor which has a butterfly head that makes loading and changing the blades super easy.

Swap Bottled Cologne for Solid Cologne


Do you love to smell good and want to make a simple switch that is both more environmentally friendly and more convenient? Try solid cologne! Solid cologne has made leaps and bounds with strong scent payoffs and sleek packaging. They’re not just low-waste and long-lasting though, they are also ideal for travelling (liquids who?) and for throwing in your gym bag or briefcase for on-the-go. We recently introduced Solid State to the Tommy Gun’s line up, offering 10+ scents, so believe us when we say you’ll find one you love! All of their packaging is metal and so is fully recyclable - no plastic in sight! Another great option and fan favourite is the Reuzel Solid Cologne with their classic wood & spice scent. So say goodbye to aiming your cologne and hoping you hit the target, get exactly the right amount of scent, exactly where you want it with a transition to solid colognes. Mother nature is 100% on board with this one!

Swap Plastic Packaging for Glass Packaging


We all know that plastic is a big no-no when it comes to being environmentally friendly. While lots of companies are moving towards PCR packaging which is definitely a step in the right direction, there is nothing that beats the infinitely recyclable glass alternative. Glass can be used and re-used over and over without issue. It also breaks down naturally in the environment and doesn’t leave a lasting footprint. One reason lots of companies are sticking with plastic packaging is the cost and convenience, however, some companies like O’ Douds have made the choice to use glass and we couldn’t be happier! O’ Douds already has a strong foundation in being environmentally friendly, with their ingredients being sustainably sourced and their whole collection being vegan and cruelty-free. In terms of their packaging, they use glass bottles with aluminum lids (aka 100% recyclable). Their deodorants even come in compostable packaging, so needless to say, they have hit the mark. Other brands have been stepping into the whole “glass packaging” arena including The Art Of Shaving Pre-Shave Oils, and Suavecito Aftershave products. We love seeing these small steps in the right direction and we are sure Mother Nature would say the same.

While being environmentally friendly can be a daunting task these days, these simple switches can help you take a step in the right direction. We all know that even a small change can make a big impact so what are you waiting for? Update your grooming routine with some of these simple swaps and be on your way to becoming an accidental environmentalist! There is no better time than Earth month to consider making the change.