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Barber Throwdown Champion 2023

“Jade has been with us for almost 2 years. She came to us from the Philippines as a foreign worker. She has been a quiet but steadfast barber ever since. She is passionate about her work and has accumulated a steady flow of request clients who just love her fades! She is quick to make people smile and has been a delight to work with. We can't wait to see her progress in her career.” – Katt Bernard


What inspired you to become a barber?

When it comes to what inspired me to become a barber, I can't pinpoint a specific moment. What I do know is that barbering caught my attention while I was working at a local Barbershop in the Philippines. I dove into self-study, devouring a wealth of content about barbering. Despite lacking formal education in this field, I took it upon myself to figure things out and pursue my passion for becoming a barber.


Could you share some techniques you’ve learned recently that you believe helped you stand out?

One thing about me, Justin, is that I enjoy figuring things out and developing techniques in my head. I then actively seek out new techniques to enhance my skills. While I may not have answered the question perfectly, I believe that my ability to work smarter has helped me stand out. By immersing myself in online resources and staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques in barbering, I have become more efficient with my time.


Tell us about the most challenging aspect of the competition and how you overcame it.

The most challenging aspect of being a barber is ensuring I complete a haircut within 30 minutes. However, I have overcome this challenge by wisely and accurately managing my time. Through effective time management and precision, I consistently achieve this goal.



How are you interacting with guests that make them feel comfortable, and ensuring they leave with confidence?

During consultations with clients, I add a touch of humor by making jokes about myself while explaining things. Whether it's sharing anecdotes about my ADHD or offering lifestyle-specific advice, I strive to be straightforward and relatable. If anything is unclear, feel free to ask for further clarification.


As a successful barber, what advice would you give to aspiring barbers who are looking to excel in their careers?

To excel in barbering, it is essential to embrace continuous learning, curiosity, and an open mind. Given the vastness of the profession, acquiring a diverse set of skills is crucial. By expanding my knowledge base, I stay at the forefront of the industry and provide exceptional service to my clients.


Can you share a memorable experience or encounter with a client that has had a significant impact on you as a barber?

The most memorable experiences as a barber are the relationships I have built with clients who have become like family. Forming meaningful connections with individuals who treat me as more than just their barber is truly special and rewarding.


In the fast-paced world we live in, how do you keep up with new trends, techniques, and tools in the industry. How do the tools from TGU help set you up to learn and execute for success?

As I mentioned earlier, while working at a local barbershop, I consumed a significant amount of barbering content, establishing a strong foundation. Knowing my tools inside out has been pivotal to my growth as a barber. My dedication to learning extends beyond work hours—I am genuinely passionate, some might even say obsessed, about the craft.


Can you speak to your journey coming to Canada?

I vividly remember the beginning of my journey to Canada in 2019. I underwent rigorous training and eventually secured employment. However, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic presented unexpected challenges, causing delays and making me question if my dream of moving to Canada would ever come true.

Nevertheless, in December 2021, everything fell into place, and I finally arrived in Canada. Since then, I have focused on assimilating into Canadian culture, learning customs, and embracing the opportunities this country offers. It was in Canada that I also met my boyfriend, and I am currently on track to becoming a permanent resident in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Aside from being 2023 Throwdown Champion! What was the biggest stand out moment?

In addition to being crowned the 2023 Throwdown Champion, a standout moment for me was showcasing my skills in front of my heroes, LEEN & BERTUS. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and I eagerly await the chance to meet them again in The Netherlands, where we can collaborate and create some truly bad-ass haircuts.


"From the moment Jade became a part of the Tommy Guns team in Regina, her talent was evident. Jade's precise attention to detail and flawless fades quickly gained the attention of not only a large following of request clients but staff as well." - Jessie Pshebnicki