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Journey to Becoming a Regional Educator: A Q&A with a Tommy Gun's Barber Mentor Bianca Knott

In the dynamic world of barbering, the journey from enthusiast to professional, and beyond, is a tale of passion, learning, and growth. Today, we're diving into the inspiring story of a Barber who has made significant strides in the industry, climbing the ranks to become a Regional Educator with Tommy Gun's. Through this Q&A, we uncover the milestones, challenges, and experiences that have shaped their career.

Starting Out: The Journey Begins

Q: Can you share a brief overview of your journey with Tommy Gun's, including how you started and your progression to becoming a Regional Educator?

A: My journey with Tommy Gun's started 2 years ago when I had moved to the island with no real plan in place. Excited to join a new team, having been in the industry for 6 years (now 8), I looked forward to a new environment where I could bring my passion for the industry. Six months in, I became a Barber Mentor in the shop, and since then, I've been thrilled with the opportunities and the unlimited access to education at Tommy Gun's. My progression to Regional Educator was fueled by my passion for the industry and my love for working in a team environment. I'm excited to provide new and highly skilled Barbers access to an amazing career with a company that truly values both its employees and Guests.

Milestones and Memorable Moments

Q: Reflecting on your experience, can you highlight a few key milestones or memorable moments in your career with Tommy Gun's?

A: My time at Tommy Gun's has been filled with incredible experiences. I’ve grown not only my connections with brands but also my knowledge and love for retail. A standout moment was training 1 on 1 with Steve Purcell from Uppercut Deluxe in June 2023, deepening my understanding of the brand. I'm also excited about attending the Reuzel Schorem Barber academy in Rotterdam. Beyond that, participating in Barber battles and seeing the support within our network has been incredibly fulfilling, making us feel like one big family.

Overcoming Challenges

Q: Can you share a challenging experience you've faced in your career and how you overcame it, offering guidance to fellow Barbers?

A: Challenges are part and parcel of being a Barber. I've dealt with skepticism due to my youth, starting in the industry at 15. Overcoming doubts from Guests unfamiliar with me has been about leveraging the confidence and education Tommy Gun's has provided. My advice is to embrace your professional identity with confidence, reassuring Guests of your expertise.

The Tommy Gun's Difference

Q: In your opinion, what sets Tommy Gun's apart as a brand and as an employer for Barbers?

A: Tommy Gun's stands out as a family-owned business that truly values its employees, understanding the nuances of being behind the chair. Our service standards ensure every Guest leaves happy, which in turn, makes every Barber feel accomplished. Regular training and a strong Guest guarantee emphasize our commitment to consistency and quality.

Key to Success

Q: What do you believe is the most crucial skill or quality for a successful Barber, and how do you emphasize its development in your role?

A: Adaptability is crucial. Being able to cater to any Guest who walks into our Barbershops is a skill that sets apart the best in our industry. Through constant access to education and training, I emphasize the importance of growing our skill set and confidence in every style.

Community and Camaraderie

Q: What is your favorite thing about being part of the Tommy Gun's community, and how does the organization foster a sense of camaraderie among its Barbers?

A: The opportunities for growth within the company are my favorite part. From starting as a new Barber to becoming a Regional Educator, every step has been supported by an incredible network that fosters a sense of camaraderie and family.

Words of Wisdom

Q: Lastly, what message or advice would you like to convey to your fellow Barbers and colleagues within the Tommy Gun's organization?

A: Keep going and constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone. With the amazing education access Tommy Gun's provides, there's no limit to what we can achieve as Barbers. Embrace every opportunity to expand your skill set and career.