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A Barber's Journey: From Apprentice to Regional Educator at Tommy Gun's

Let's delve into the fascinating journey of a dedicated professional at Tommy Gun's, tracing their path from an apprentice to a Regional Educator. This narrative not only highlights the progression within Tommy Gun's but also sheds light on the intrinsic motivation and key milestones that have marked this journey. Join us as we explore this inspiring story, offering insights into the world of barbering through the eyes of someone who's lived it.

Q: Can you share a brief overview of your journey with Tommy Gun's, including how you started and your progression to becoming a Regional Educator?

A: Starting as a brand-new apprentice, I’ve always aspired to be a teacher. I've had the opportunity to perform every role in my shop. Beginning as an apprentice, I developed an allergy to fragrance, which led me to work the front end while managing the allergy. This experience allowed me to gain a myriad of skills, from queue management to product knowledge. Post-COVID, I was offered the chance to manage a shop, stepping into the role of Manager and Barber Mentor. This position enabled me to assist both new and seasoned team members, conduct shave training, and work closely with staff. Upon learning about the Regional Educator role, I was thrilled and knew I had to apply. Teaching and witnessing growth is my passion.

Q: What motivated you to pursue a career in Barbering, and how did you end up joining Tommy Gun's?

A: Initially, I attended hair school with the intent to specialize in women’s hair, particularly updos and wedding hairstyles. However, my experiences in salons were not fulfilling. The day I completed hair school, I learned Tommy Gun's was hiring and immediately secured a position. This marked the beginning of my rewarding journey with the company.

Q: Reflecting on your experience, can you highlight a few key milestones or memorable moments in your career with Tommy Gun's?

A: Becoming a Manager/Barber Mentor before turning 20 was a significant achievement, especially considering my age. Placing 3rd at Barbers Edge in 2022 and attending the Schorem Barber Academy in Rotterdam are among my most cherished milestones. These experiences have immensely bolstered my confidence in leadership.

Q: In your opinion, what sets Tommy Gun's apart as a brand and as an employer for Barbers?

A: Tommy Gun's stands out for its comprehensive support system for barbers, from education to career growth opportunities. The emphasis on education, competitive spirit, and community engagement are pivotal factors that distinguish Tommy Gun's as both a brand and an employer.

Q: How do you continue to fuel your own passion for Barbering and stay excited about your work?

 A: My passion for barbering is rejuvenated daily by the variety of clients and the opportunity to create impactful hairstyles. Encouraging my team, fostering a welcoming shop atmosphere, and building a rapport with regular guests are aspects that drive my enthusiasm for the profession. The culture at Tommy Gun's and the supportive team environment are crucial to maintaining a vibrant and passionate approach to barbering.

This journey with Tommy Gun's underscores the profound impact of dedication, continuous learning, and community building in the barbering industry. As we've seen, embracing challenges and opportunities with open arms can lead to a fulfilling and enriching career path.