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Style Your Hair to Last: A Guide to Oil-Based Styling Products

If you can’t beat the heat during the heatwave, at least your hair will. Non-water-soluble styling products are the answer to keeping your hair looking fresh during the summertime.

Exactly how they sound, non-water-soluble, AKA oil-based, products do not lose their hold when they come in contact with water. This provides some important benefits that you need to know about.

Benefits of Oil-Based Styling Products


    The consistency of oil-based products is maintained throughout the day, regardless of what you get up to. This means that you can re-work your style whenever you need without having to apply more product or lose your hold. While the consistency of different products can differ, you can know that an oil-based product will hold its style and be there for the long haul.

    Hold Strength

      If you are constantly finding that your hair falls out of its style throughout the day, you might want to try switching to an oil-based product! They tend to give you a stronger hold while also adding a suave shine.

      Activity Friendly

        Oil-based products are perfect for people that live a more active lifestyle, sweat often, or work outdoors. Since they bind so strongly to the hair, you don’t need to worry about having the product dissolve from added moisture such as sweat or rain. They will hold your look in place all day long so that you can always look your best.

          How to Get Your Hair Clean: Clarifying & Scrub Shampoos

          While oil-based products are great for their long-lasting effects, it is important to know they may not wash out as easily as you would like, unless you use the right products that is. You will need to use a good scrub and/or clarifying shampoo to help remove and break down the product. Clarifying shampoos are deep cleansers that aim to remove residue and buildup from hair products They can also help remove chlorine build-up and lift away mineral deposits from hard water. Simply follow the steps below and you will have no problems getting your hair clean!

          1. Use a hair scrub and/or clarifying shampoo 1-2 times a month. If you find you have lots of a product build up, use 2-3 times a week.
          2. After the clarifying product is rinsed out, follow with regular shampoo and conditioner.

          Shop some of our top picks such as the Reuzel Scrub Shampoo or the American Crew Classic Power Cleanser Shampoo.

          Stay Fresh All Summer

          Don’t hold back just because of the hair product you’re using. If you want to style your hair and live in it too, try out an oil-based styling product. Oil-based hair products are always great way to keep you looking your best during any activity, all summer long.