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Chin Whiskers

Whiskers Wax

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The Product

Chin Whiskers Whiskers Wax is for those wanting to nourish and style their moustache. This moustache wax nourishes and conditions while keeping your moustache styled throughout the day. It is unscented so it wont clash with other product scents. 

Shine: 2 / 5

Hold: 3 / 5

Who Is It For?
  • Anyone with moustaches grown for 1-3 months
  • People with unruly moustache hair
  • Those wanting to form and style their moustache
    What Does It Do?
    • Medium hold wax
    • Nourishes the moustache
    • Unscented 
      How Do You Use It?
      • Use the back of your thumb to scoop the wax from the tin
      • Emulsify and warm the wax using the palms of your hands
      • Apply to your moustache and style
      • To warm quickly use a hairdryer, but be careful!
      The Brand

      Chin Whiskers Grooming Co. has a fantastic lineup of products at a price you will appreciate and will continue to provide new and interesting products. Chin Whiskers Grooming Co. feels that every man deserves a full, healthy beard and that is exactly what their products deliver.  All of their products are made with 100% natural ingredients and they do not use any synthetic fragrances or fillers.